Week 23 – Enthusiasm

YES! This week my virtue is Enthusiasm. What a fabulous word. It is one word that implies to me, a multitude of words. The most appropriate definition for my purpose is:

1.intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.
“her energy and enthusiasm for life”
synonyms: eagerness, keenness, ardor, fervor, passion, zeal, zest, gusto, energy, verve, vigor, vehemence, fire, spirit, avidity; wholeheartedness, commitment, willingness, devotion, earnestness; informalget-up-and-go
“she worked with enthusiasm”

This week I have worked with enthusiasm. It is in perfect harmony with the biggest gift this course has given me, which is, to be totally present with everything I do. I am pretty good at being able to master that in my work, the rest of the time, not so much. The P’s come in handy there.This week I have greeted each day with more enthusiasm than I normally muster and the proof is in the pudding as they say. The law of giving and receiving, and giving first.  The more I give enthusiasm, the more I receive.

In our scroll this month Og writes: ” If I bring joy and enthusiasm and brightness and laughter to my customers they will react with joy and enthusiasm and brightness and laughter and my weather will produce a harvest of sales and a granary of gold for me. Indeed this is true.

Looking at the synonyms for this word, who can resist enthusiasm?


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