Week 24 – The Nature of Things

This week I have been paying particular attention to being the observer.  I also felt inspired to focus on “transcending illusion” and “letting  go of fear”. How has this helped me this week?  In reading the work of Haanel, which I love, he constantly reminds us to focus on our true nature, which is perfection. What is in our minds, our thoughts, is in the mind of every cell in our body. Focus on lack and limitation and with mathematical certainty, that will be the results you get.  We have learned that we must change our mind to change our world. Look to the world within.  “How gold in the mind may be transmuted to gold in the heart and hand?”

During the last 24 weeks, thanks to the relentless dedication that Mark and Davene have passionately delivered throughout this amazing course, I have become a much better observer and can begin to see how gold in the mind can be transmuted.

I study with a great energy guru. I have been receiving energy transmissions for the last six years. He says very much the same as all the great masters we have been introduced to during this course. I am beginning to understand. He always says the orange isn’t trying to be an apple. It is happy to be an orange.  He has also been saying that the wealth of the universe is all around and in us but “we” must implement this wealth. Simply to have is not enough, what is needed is the “connection”. That is the strength and the beauty of this course. It is the implementation that I did not have. I never understood why one needs to understand the principles of the universe, the laws of the mind, the awareness of living by habit rather than free will.  Habits – boy that is big!  Compass versus clock. I am beginning to understand the importance of the law of giving and receiving. The cement is breaking free, I have the wealth, I am the wealth and now it is time to implement.

Like the tiny hummingbird who fearlessly goes about doing what hummingbirds do. Let me be like the hummingbird. The bird that worries not about the branch. The athlete who despite what the world may consider “handicaps” changes the meaning of the word to “specially abled”and literally changes the world. Why not me? I am humbled and so very grateful to this course for giving me the tools to change my mind. I heard recently someone say they pray that God will make them more deserving. I understand with higher consciousness everything changes and yes with God all things are possible. Yet, that statement didn’t resonate with me. God gives me the wealth and it’s my job to share with the world. Through happy knack, attitude, being responsible, taking initiative, masterminding – these are the tools to become more deserving.  I can BE deserving by being willing to change. It is what we have done for ourselves for the last 24 weeks. The guy/gal in the glass, all the exercises allow that wealth, the golden buddha to shine and you can have the wealth but without the implementation, nothing changes. You are stuck in your habits.

Thank you for the great videos, the passion in driving these truths home.  The human spirit is amazing. The human body miraculous. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.

Thank you mastermind group for holding the space.

in gratitude…


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