Week 6 – My future self


I am a huge fan of the hit series “Outlander” in which the lead character goes back in time some 200 years, so I decided to embrace meeting my future self for the subject of my blog this week.  One of the most striking differences in time travel is the change in consciousness. So today, as I swatted at some small insect that had landed on my arm I pondered how much will the world change in 20 years. Would my future self consider the rights of all insects, not just the ones I like.  Would my future self, consider the present day me barbaric for swatting at some insect I did not know or trapping mice on glue boards?

I remember a time, not so very long ago, in which, a person of color could not find something to eat or a place to go to the bathroom between Houston and Austin, a three hour road trip. It didn’t matter whether they were a derelict or a professor of a prestigious institution, what mattered was the color of their skin.  I remember going to South Africa some 40 years ago and there were still separate bathrooms and drinking fountains. Young people today think how barbaric. Indeed, I am ashamed to have been part of a culture that held such bias views.   Where will our minds be in 20 years, more importantly where will my mind be, will insects have rights?

I love Star Trek and one of my favorite characters is Counselor Troy. In my dream mind, I may have thought of myself somewhat like her. Her gift as an empath, was a valuable tool in that futurist series. Will I see those kind of changes in my lifetime?  What will my future self be like?  Something of a Counselor Troy? Will the science experiments I am participating in be enough to really change the way the world thinks about energy healers?  Will I live in a time that understands our current medical model is not based on a wellness program?  How will how I think change the world?  Consciousness changes very slowly and  little else I know except – the change must begin with me.

When Mark J talked about our future self as being a stranger, he is so right. What will I do differently, if I have a relationship with my future self?  If knowing that my actions today will affect the well being of my beloved future self, will I act differently!  Absolutely, do I want to burden my future self with illness or debt or stress that can be avoided? This is a really big deal and I never thought of my future self before.  She has been a stranger.

Well no more…..Hello Beautiful!



Week 5 – Connectedness

“There are so many great day hikes in Yellowstone and this one is no exception. If you’re short on time make sure you include this hike during your visit to the park. Located south of Fishing Bridge and Lake Junction on the Grand Loop Road this is a popular day hike that has spectacular views across much of Yellowstone Lake and toward the eastern edge of the park. The Lake Village area and the Lake Hotel are visible just below the summit along the lakes western shoreline. The trail to the top of Elephant Back Mountain is well maintained and the grade never really feels that steep even though you’re climbing about 800 feet to the summit. The forest surrounding this area is relatively open and feels less claustrophobic than in areas of the park that contain new growth. When you reach the summit there are two long wooden benches that are perfect for contemplating the beauty of the landscape below. I would recommend going in the morning to watch the sunrise, or waiting until late afternoon or early evening when the light will be better suited for photographing this amazing panorama of Yellowstone Lake and the peaks that border its eastern edge.” – an excerpt from Trailguides Yellowstone.com

Some 25 years ago I made the hike up Elephant Back Trail to the summit for this view. It was here I had the overwhelming  feeling of being connected to “all that is”.

This feeling was so overwhelming and brought such peace of mind I have brought it back to Mind thousands of times. The beauty of this view, the feeling of being an eagle on the top of the world, filled me with such joy and a deep sense of being one with all that is.  I have gone to this place in my mind and wondered how to re-create more memories with the feeling I experienced there.  I call this weeks blog “connectedness” because that word comes the closest to feeling I am in the flow. One with all that is. A place that is sacred to me. A spiritual awakening.

What I long for is more connectedness, more opportunities to experience oneness, isn’t this my natural state of being? I have piled so much stuff on top of that, that feeling of connectedness is the exception.   Well no more,  I know chipping away at the cement Buddha, letting go of an out of control ego is key.  Ha! Any wonder why this mastermind course appeals to me?

What have I learned?  Habits that no longer serve me, the programs running in the background field rob me of precious time and energy and unless I become aware of what I am thinking and apply the principles I am learning, nothing will change.  I am willing to let go and break up the cement   Bring it on!


Week 4 – the loop

Week 3 – gratitude

Looking for my strengths and magnifying them instead of focusing on my weaknesses.    What is gratitude?  Robert Emmons, perhaps the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude, argues that gratitude has two key components, which he describes in a Greater Good essay, “Why Gratitude is Good.”   First, he writes, it is an affirmation of goodness.  We affirm that there are good things in the world, gifts and benefits we’ve received.”  In the second part of gratitude, he explains, “we recognize that the sources of this goodness are outside of ourselves. We acknowledge that other people – or even higher powers, if you are of a religious mindset-gave us many gifts, big and small, to help us achieve the goodness in our lives.” Emmons goes on to say for gratitude to flourish  the key, is to see all of life as a gift.- An excerpt taken from Greater Good Magazine.

According to my energy guru, to have more divine grace in your life you must be truly grateful.  This week has brought up some resistance to doing “the work”. I am grateful, Initially, I had told myself I would audit, I wouldn’t jump back in the frying pan, go at my own pace. I realized my “habits” are still rather entrenched. So for more structure, I have a great guide. I am sure he never sleeps.  My revised DMP still doesn’t seem to capture the essence of the life I am wanting to create. (Should I be imprinting subby with something less than perfect? I am at a loss how to make sacrifices seem less negative.  Last year, I was so overwhelmed getting the technology set up, I felt like I just put stuff down to keep moving forward.  I am grateful.

Mark J is rather amazing and I know he has been doing this a long time, but one gets the feeling, he just knows that you skipped last night’s read, or haven’t read the blue print builder with “vigor”.   I am grateful.

I am truly grateful for all the grace in my life💕



Week 2 – Looking Deep

This week I am looking deep to refine my DMP.  What do I want to create in my life? I hold the pen in my hand, poised, awaiting the information to download. Nothing is happening.  How is that even possible? I have been given the opportunity to say what I want, the tools to make it happen and I am not sure? It would be logical to say: What are your gifts, your God given talents, perhaps build on that.

I have at least gotten started. I know pushing the rock uphill is the hardest part and that once it gets to rolling, it is all downhill from there. Well, I am going for it, I didn’t start not to finish and with the help of a mastermind I will succeed!



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 12.17.15 PM

Week 1 -2017

Hoorah!!! I am taking the MKMMA course again, I learned a lot last year and was successful in changing the way I think – a little bit, yet any change is really huge! I want more, so here I am, round two. I considered just auditing the course and changed my mind as I really want to push myself to the next level.

Love the improvements in the course and thrilled with the idea of working with a mentor. Happy to be here!