Press Release

November 24, 2019

Interview with Debra Schnitzer by Deepak Chopra’s assistant for Spirit Awakening Magazine.

On this day in November I am meeting Debra Schnitzer.  She has invited me to join her for coffee in her healing studio.  My boss, Deepak Chopra heard about the healing abilities of Ms. Schnitzer and asked me to interview her for a story in Spirit Awakening. Her studio is located on her farm, a remote place, about an hour and a half from the Houston—Austin metropolis. Her assistant has been my contact and she meets me at the gate to the farm. I immediately feel the serenity of the place and the abundance of wildlife. The road appears to be untraveled though I know people from a wide area seek Ms.Schnitzer out and this road is well used. The winding road, not much more than a trail, unfolds like a mystery. The woods are heavy on both sides of the road and it is only after the creek crossing that the area opens up and we climb up a slight hill to find a lovely view of the surrounding countryside.

I have been told by her assistant that Ms Schnitzer is a private person and rarely consents to interviews. I feel fortunate.

Ms.Schnitzer meets us at the door of what I assume is her healing sanctuary. It appears roughly 600 square feet with a large wrap around porch with magnificent old oaks to the south and an expansive view to the east.  An attractive woman in her late 60s, she is welcoming and invites me to join her for coffee. Already I feel the tension leaving my body and my mind becomes quite. What a wonderful experience and the interview hasn’t even begun! The studio feels balanced. She has artfully incorporated the five elements and the views through the windows bring nature in.

As she grinds the organic coffee, the aroma fills the space and I settle in to begin the interview.

This is a lovely place you have Ms. Schnitzer, can you tell me a little bit about the work you do?  She smiles an all knowing kind of smile and I am struck by how comfortable I am, I feel like the cells in my body are re aligning themselves and new neuro pathways are being developed.  “I do very little” “I just allow love to be”.

If I were not experiencing that I would have no idea what she meant. She goes on “we have forgotten that we are part of all that is, the universal life force” This great power that created all, lives and breathes through everything. It is nature. It is the constant in an ever changing world.  We have lost faith as a whole and the body has forgotten how to heal itself. In other words we are disconnected from the source. We no longer trust in God and have fallen prey to doubt and fear which shows up as stress and a cascade of maladies. Through touch I offer the opportunity to reconnect. With a clearer stronger force field I am able to help facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. You know it only takes an instant to connect with God and change your life. Your body knows what it needs, we have lost the ability to listen to those needs”.

I encourage her to go on.  “Some 10 years or so ago, I heard an unusual healer talk. Behind his Indian accent and poor English, I heard a message that the truth he spoke of was of great value to me. This masters gift was being able to connect people to the divine guidance through energy transmissions. He is a very powerful conductor and what set him apart from many healers was the fact he had the science to back up his claims.  He encouraged those of us followers to do the same, and with his grace, we were able to do the science experiments and have them published in peer reviewed papers. This was a pioneering step in helping to transition from the way we viewed healers then to the place we are now.  This type of energy work has become a vital part of healing the planet. Just look at Vitamin D3. The human race is losing the ability to harness and use the sun’s energy to replenish this vital vitamin,  vast numbers of people are having to take supplements which science has shown are not very bio-available. The work I do helps to clear the blocks that inhibit our natural ability to utilize or increase our bioavailability”.

In the background I can hear Ms.Schnitzer’s assistant directing me to wrap this interview up as people are beginning to cue up for an opportunity to be touched by this modest woman.

I am intrigued and look forward to booking a session. I thank Ms. Schnitzer and make my way back to my car.  I realize I feel fantastic,  so light and joyful, I am different, care free and feel supported by the universe!  Wow, amazing.